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A Midsummer Night Dream

A Midsummer Night Dream

  • Autumn / Summer / Winter
  • Aperitif / Evening


Cocktail created by Raphaelle Chaize, Giffard beverage expert.

    Tasting tips

    • in a shaker
    • cocktail
    • physalis

    Cocktail preparation

    • 1/5 Pour the ingredients into a shaker
    • 2/5 Fill the shaker to 2/3 with ice cubes
    • 3/5 Shake vigorously for 7-10 seconds
    • 4/5 Strain into a glass without ice but previously chilled
    • 5/5 Garnish & serve




    Passion fruit Fruit for Mix
    Around x33
    30 1,01 ml oz
    Fresh ginger
    3 3 tranches tranches
    Honey Syrup
    Around x200
    5 0,17 ml oz
    Lemonade Base Syrup
    Around x40
    25 0,85 ml oz
    Pineapple juice
    30 1,01 ml oz