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La Maison

La Maison<br /><strong>Giffard</strong>

It all started during the very hot summer
of 1885...

Emile Giffard is a pharmacist in Angers, in the Loire Valley, but a pharmacist like no other.

A curious inventor and gourmet, he carries out research on the digestive and refreshing properties of mint. He thus develops a pure, transparent, refined, white mint liqueur ... that he trials with customers of the neighboring Grand Hôtel to relieve them from the heat.

It all started during <strong>the very hot summer</strong><br />of 1885... It all started during <strong>the very hot summer</strong><br />of 1885...

« My distillery house was founded in 1885. The future will tell if I was right... »

Emile Giffard
An immediate <strong>success</strong>
An immediate <strong>success</strong>

An immediate success

Emile then transforms his pharmacy into a distillery and names his liqueur Menthe-Pastille, in reference to the mints that were very popular at that time.

Five generations later, the Giffard company, still family-run, produces Menthe-Pastille, Crèmes de fruits, Liqueurs, Guignolets and Syrups, respecting the quality that has driven it from the start.

A unique savoir-faire
since 1885

Plants are the basis of our inspiration. We have always been committed to finding the most refined ingredients, the most flavorsome fruit, and the most aromatic plants in order to create Giffard liqueurs and syrups.

A unique savoir-faire<br /><strong> since 1885</strong>

Since 1885, our profession:

At the beginning : fruits, plants, quality guarantee

At the beginning : fruits, plants, quality guarantee

Purchased preferentially in our region (100% of currant berries come from the Pays de la Loire region) or further afield depending on chosen varieties or sources.

Manufacturing secrets : recipes and a savoir-faire

Manufacturing secrets : recipes and a savoir-faire

Dosage, assemblage, mixing, filtration, control… requirements of quality. Each batch is tasted before being bottled.

Research and development : an active laboratory all year round

Research and development : an active laboratory all year round

Anticipate, innovate, improve, test… with precision and passion.

Maceration: a <br /><strong>traditional method</strong>

Maceration: a
traditional method

In order to extract the aromas, fruits are macerated in alcohol for a period ranging from 48 hours up to 3 months depending on the time necessary for the optimum blend of fruit and alcohol. The infusion obtained is the essential base for the production of the liqueur.

A daily life committed to the service of our values

« The respect of human and environmental values and the constant search for quality from the outset ensures our sustainability. »

A daily life committed to the service <strong>of our values</strong>
Promoting<br /><strong> sustainable agriculture</strong>

sustainable agriculture

Promoting<br /><strong> sustainable agriculture</strong>

Partnership with farmers to promote biodiversity, pollination…

Multi-year contracts with local producers.

65% of our purchases of fruits and plants come from French producers.

Human values <strong> and social responsibility</strong>

Human values and social responsibility

Pleasant working environment: green setting, natural light, large openings into the garden, protection against noise…

« L’eau est vitale » : Collaboration with the NGO 1001 FONTAINES since 2015
- Supporting local populations without access to drinking water
- Participation in the “Water in School” program

Various support for local solidarity projects

Reduction of environmental impact

Renewable energy: solar panels on the roof of the factory producing 20% of our electricity needs.

Reduction in water consumption and recycling

Eco-design of packaging:
- Our bottles contain 70% recycled glass
- Reduction in weight of glass bottles: decrease in CO2 production and positive impact on transport

Reduction <strong>of environmental impact</strong> Reduction <strong>of environmental impact</strong>