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Liqueurs Premium

A series of ten top-of-the-range liqueurs to create Premium cocktails, best used in short drinks in which the liqueur becomes the principal ingredient.

Numerous varieties have been tested to select only the best (Abricot Rouge du Roussillon, Cassis Noir de Bourgogne), while guaranteeing the origin of the product (Banane du Brésil, Vanille de Madagascar…). The most appropriate spirits, spices and fruits have been chosen to enrich aromas and obtain a perfect balance of flavors.

Classic Liqueurs

A range of more than twenty liqueurs mostly created to be used in cocktails, to offer bartenders the highest quality and most authentic flavors in any season. From classic flavors such as Blue Curaçao, Triple Sec or Apricot Brandy to more surprising ones such as Rhubarb, Parfait Amour or Cognac & Almond Liqueur.

Crèmes de Fruits

A range of over 15 fruit liqueurs with genuine flavors: some strong, such as blackcurrant or blackberry, some subtle, such as raspberry or wild peaches, and some refined, such as wild strawberries or Rose…

These “Crèmes de fruits” can be served neat on the rocks or are mostly appreciated topped with regular or sparkling wine, or in cocktails.

Giffard Creations

A range comprising historic brands such as Guignolet d’Angers or Cocogif as well as more trendy and exotic liqueurs such as Lichi-Li or Mangalore (spicy liqueur).