Speculoos Syrup

Speculoos Syrup

Pure sugar syrup made from natural cinnamon aroma.

Country of Origin : France

Biscuity, spicy and cinnamon notes.
Characteristic taste of speculoos with notes of biscuit, cinnamon and spices. Speculoos is a traditional biscuit often shaped as Saint Nicolas, eaten during Advent especially in Belgium, the Netherlands, western Germany and northern France.


Sugar, water, flavourings, natural flavourings, colourings : plain caramel, cinnamon extract 

Nutrition information

Pour 100 ml : Energie : 320kcal / 1358KJ - Fats : 0g - Saturated fatty acids : 0g - Carbohydrates : 79g - Sugars : 79g - Proteins : 0g - Salt : 0g .

Useful information

  • Store in a dry, clean and cool place (maximum 25°C)
  • Shelf life: 3 years

To flavor hot and cold drinks (coffee, tea, milk…), cocktails or desserts.

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