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Coconut Syrup

Coconut Syrup

Pure sugar syrup made from coconut milk and milk proteins.
No preservatives.

Opaque milky white.
Very pleasant, medium intensity. Sweetness of coconut milk with a note of grated coconut.
Very aromatic, fresh coconut milk, grated coconut flesh, lightly toasted coconut aftertaste.

Did you know that the coconut can reach 30 cm in diameter and the palm tree from which it comes can measure up to 25 meters?
The coconut palm is grown in all tropical regions and coconut is widely consumed worldwide with a significant economy of almost 13 billion dollars in 2019.
The entire plant can be used: fruits, palms, stipes (= false trunk); mainly in the food industry and in many forms: coconut pulp, grated coconut, coconut oil, palm wine, … but also in cosmetics. Coconut is widely consumed as a beverage in its forms of coconut water or coconut milk.
Giffard syrup allows you to broaden the range of possibilities in your drinks. It is one of the few on the market to contain coconut cream, which gives it its intensity and characteristic taste.


Sugar, water, coconut cream, natural coconut flavouring, MILK protein, emulsifier: sucrose esters of fatty acids.

Nutrition information

Pour 100 ml : Energie : 331 kcal / 1402 k J - Fats : 1.9 g - Saturated fatty acids : 1.7 g - Carbohydrates : 78 g - Sugars : 78 g - Proteins : < 0.5 g - Salt : 0.03 g .


  • Milk

Useful information

  • Store in a dry, clean and cool place (maximum 25°C)

To dilute with water or sparkling water.
To flavor hot or cold coffees, teas, hot chocolates or milks.
In milk-shakes.
In desserts: as a topping on ice cream or yoghurt.

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