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Hot Hot Chocolate

Hot Hot Chocolate

  • Autumn / Winter

Tasting tips

  • mug
  • whipped cream / chili powder

Cocktail preparation

  • 1/5 Pour syrup into a mug
  • 2/5 Heat the milk until you get a creamy froth
  • 3/5 Mix chocolate powder with hot milk
  • 4/5 Pour onto the syrup
  • 5/5 Garnish & serve

Conseil du bartender

Caution: the heat increases the spiciness of chili syrup, you may want to advise the customer when they order. Spiciness decreases as the drink cools down, it becomes more palatable when it’s just warm and not boiling hot.




Chili Syrup
Around x100
10 0,34 ml oz
60 2,03 ml oz
Unsweetened chocolate powder
2 2 bsp bsp