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Macadamia Nut Syrup

Macadamia Nut Syrup

Pure sugar syrup with a good taste of macadamia nut.
No preservatives.

Golden brown, transparent.
Rich and fruity note of nuts, slightly roasted note, good intensity.
Macadamia nuts with a rich, roasted note, and a slight almond-fruit and hazelnut taste on the finish.

The Macadamia Nut is the fruit of an Australian walnut tree of the genus Macadamia. It comes in clusters, in which the nuts are each enclosed in a brownish round shell that is smooth and extremely hard.
Macadamia nuts are eaten plain, cooked, salted, roasted, or caramelized, but it is difficult to consume them as a drink. Giffard Macadamia Nut Syrup brings the rich and gourmet note of Macadamia Nuts to your drinks.


Sugar, water, natural flavouring, apple extract.

Nutrition information

Pour 100 ml : Energie : 323 kcal / 1372 kJ - Fats : 0 g - Saturated fatty acids : 0 g - Carbohydrates : 81 g - Sugars : 80 g - Proteins : 0 g - Salt : 0 g .

Useful information

  • Store in a dry, clean and cool place (maximum 25°C)

To flavor hot drinks  (coffee, milk, hot chocolates or tea).
In milkshakes.
In desserts: as a topping on ice cream or yogurt.

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