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  • Autumn / Summer / Winter / Spring


The origins of this cocktail are disputed between France (Harry MacElhone at the Harry's Bar, Paris) and England  (Pat McGarry at the Buck's Club, London), and it dates back the end of World War 1.

    Tasting tips

    • in a shaker
    • cocktail
    • sugar frosting / orange zest

    Cocktail preparation

    • 1/6 Smear the rim of a chilled glass with lemon and sprinkle with sugar, then set aside
    • 2/6 Pour the ingredients into a shaker
    • 3/6 Fill the shaker to 2/3 with ice cubes
    • 4/6 Shake vigorously for 7 to 10 seconds
    • 5/6 Strain into the cocktail glass without ice but previously chilled
    • 6/6 Garnish & serve

    Conseil du bartender

    The rim will modify the balance and the texture of the drink, it is recomended to rim only half of the glass to leave the consumer the choice of tasting the drink with or without the added sugar.




    40 1,35 ml oz
    Curaçao Triple Sec
    Around x35
    20 0,68 ml oz
    Lemon juice
    20 0,68 ml oz
    White Sugar Cane Syrup
    Around x200
    5 0,17 ml oz