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A Horse With No Name

A Horse With No Name

  • Summer


Cocktail created by Raphaelle Chaize, Giffard beverage expert.

    Tasting tips

    • in a glass
    • crushed ice
    • rocks
    • sprig of mint / grated coconut

    Cocktail preparation

    • 1/6 Clap the mint leaves between your hands and drop them into the glass
    • 2/6 Fill half the glass with crushed ice
    • 3/6 Pour the ingredients
    • 4/6 Stir to incorporate all the ingredients
    • 5/6 Fill the glass with crushed ice completely
    • 6/6 Garnish & serve




    Irish whiskey
    35 1,18 ml oz
    Coconut Liqueur
    Around x46
    15 0,51 ml oz
    Ginger Syrup
    Around x200
    1 1 bsp bsp
    Mint leaves
    10 10
    Chocolate bitters
    2 2 traits traits