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Fluffy Sour

Fluffy Sour

  • Autumn / Summer / Winter / Spring


Created by Raphaëlle Chaize, Giffard Beverage Expert

    Tasting tips

    • in a shaker
    • cocktail
    • salty popcorn

    Cocktail preparation

    • 1/6 Pour the ingredients into a shaker
    • 2/6 Shake vigorously without ice for 15 seconds
    • 3/6 Fill the shaker to 2/3 with ice cubes
    • 4/6 Shake vigorously again for 7 to 10 seconds
    • 5/6 Strain into a cocktail glass without ice but previously chilled
    • 6/6 Garnish & serve

    Conseil du bartender

    The "dry shake" technique makes it possible to obtain a beautiful foam and the creamy texture characteristic of the use of aquafaba or egg white. Fat-wash 1:6 (salted butter: bourbon)




    Piment d'Espelette (Chile Liqueur)
    Around x28
    25 0,85 ml oz
    Salted Butter Fat-Wash Bourbon
    25 0,85 ml oz
    Lemon juice
    10 0,34 ml oz
    Carrot juice
    20 0,68 ml oz
    Agave Syrup
    Around x140
    1 1 bsp bsp
    20 0,68 ml oz
    Orange bitters
    6 6 traits traits