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Caribbean Pineapple

Caribbean Pineapple

Liqueur made from a subtle blend of fresh pineapples ripened under the Caribbean sun, reinforced by an infusion of candied pineapples, all enhanced by a 7-year-old Caribbean Rum and some spices.

Degree : 20%
Country of Origin : France

Very bright, golden yellow color.
Strong scent with buttery notes of pineapple ripened to perfection.
Warm notes of flambéed pineapple, great aromatic complexity, perfect balance and exceptional flavor.

Originally from South America, the pineapple was quickly domesticated by the Amerindian peoples. It was not until 1493 that Christopher Columbus discovered the pineapple for the first time, on the island of Guadeloupe. A symbol of friendship and hospitality for the peoples of the Caribbean, the pineapple brought this symbolism with it to Europe, where it was often carved above the front doors of homes in Spain and England. The French word for pineapple, 'ananas', comes from the Amerindian language naná naná, meaning "frangrance of fragrances". An evocative name, a beautiful tribute to this delicious fruit.

Additional information

Lactose free

Gluten free


No preservative

Useful information

  • Store in a dry and cool place, if possible away from light.
  • Close the bottle tightly after use

Pure on crushed ice or in cocktails.

  • THE LIQUEUR MASTER - The spirits business Master 2017

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