Cherry Syrup

Cherry Syrup

Pure sugar syrup with a pleasant cherry flavor.

Garnet red.
Typical cherry scent. Fruity notes and slight kernel note.
Smooth and scented flavor of sweet cherries with a note of confectionery and cherry pip.


Sugar, water, natural flavouring, concentrated cherry juice, concentrated redcurrant juice, elderberry concentrate, acidifier: citric acid.

Nutrition information

Pour 100 ml : Energie : 329 kcal / 1396 kJ - Fats : 0 g - Saturated fatty acids : 0 g - Carbohydrates : 80 g - Sugars : 80 g - Proteins : 0 g - Salt : 0 g .

Additional information

Equivalence in cherry juice used: 13% minimum.

Concentrated drink containing quinine to be diluted with at least five times its volume of water.

Useful information

  • Store in a dry, clean and cool place (maximum 25°C)

Dilute with water or sparkling water.

In cocktails, mocktails, lemonade, fizzy drinks, smoothies.

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