Manzana Verde

Manzana Verde

Liqueur with the acidulous flavor of green apple.

Degree : 18%
Country of Origin : France

Notes of fresh green apple.
Tonic and lively thanks to a touch of sourness. Intense and aromatic.

A slightly tart apple, the green apple is the name of a variety born in Australia, the Granny Smith. This fruit can be eaten alone, raw or cooked, in salads and fruit salads, smoothies, sorbets, juices, compotes or even sometimes with seafood.
Fresh and intense, the Manzana Verde Giffard liqueur brings the characteristic tangy taste of the fruit to your creations.

Additional information

No colorant

Useful information

  • Store in a dry and cool place, if possible away from light.
  • Close the bottle tightly after use

Pure on crushed ice, in long drinks or cocktails.

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