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Other spirits

The Thomaz de Aquino family distillery founded in 1906 (Grupo Thoquino), has been producing Cachaça for over 100 years. It is located in Sao Joao Da Barra in the Campos region (Rio State), which has been the traditional home of sugar cane production since 1532. This region is blessed with an superlative soil and an exceptional number of hours of sunshine. It is one of the rare distilleries that has its own sugar cane plantations, which allows it to control production on the plantation and guarantees constant quality.
Thoquino Cachaça is an “Aguardente de Cana” 100% pure sugar cane, made with freshly pressed sugar cane juice which is then fermented for 8 days before being distilled  (double distillation). This fermentation is longer than that of rum, contributing to its unique taste.