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Giffard has been a liqueur-maker since 1885


The basic ingredients are fruits and plants, which offer a pledge of quality

Those fruits and plants are bought primarily in our region (100 % of our blackcurrant berries are grown in the Pays de Loire) or come from further afield, depending on the desired varieties.

Maceration : a traditional process which safeguards the authentic flavour of the chosen fruits/plants.

To extract aromas, fruits are macerated in alcohol for 48 hours to 3 months depending on the time needed to reach a perfect blend of fruit and alcohol.
The infusion obtained is the basic ingredient in the liqueur-making process.

Manufacturing secrets : recipes and how-know

Blending, filtration, control… those are the required steps to quality. Each batch needs to be tasted before bottling.


Research & Development, year round: our laboratory

never closes… in order to be able to anticipate, innovate, improve, test and taste…. with rigour and passion.
Natural products live and evolve with time; from the dedicates of nature follows a need for constant improvements to our manufacturing processes of liqueurs as well as syrups.

Liqueur is the essential ingredient that will give its aromatic note to cocktails. It must be allowed to fulfill its promise.

Blackcurrant harvest