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Giffard is a Liqueur maker since 1885


At the beginning, there are just the fruits and plants : pledge of quality

Fruits and plants are bought in priority in our region (100 % of our blackcurrant berries come from the Pays de Loire) or further depending on the variety chosen.

Maceration : a traditional manufacturing method which respects the authentic taste

To extract aromas, fruits are put in maceration into alcohol from 48 hours to 3 months according to the necessary time to obtain a perfect blending between fruit and alcohol.
The infusion obtained is the basis in the liqueur fabrication.

The manufacturing secrets : recipes and how-know

Blending, filtration, control… quality requests. Each fabrication is tasted before bottling.


Research & development : an active laboratory all year long

To anticipate, to innovate, to improve, to taste…. with rigour and passion.
A natural product lives and changes with time, our requirement for naturality requests a constant improvement of our manufacturing process … for the liqueur range as for syrups.

Liqueur is the essential ingredient that will give its aromatic note to cocktails. It must keep its promise.

Blackcurrant harvest

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